Most of us are reactionary when it comes to our health, meaning we do not do much

to prevent issues before they arise. That said, a typical run of the mill health check­up

usually entails, blood pressure, height, weight, a quick listen to the heart and lungs,

maybe a blood test, and if all checks out normal, you are sent off with your badge of

health. When we think of our health the first thing that comes to mind is what is

happening on the insides: heart, lungs, eyes, ears, liver, etc. Of course we want these

systems working well and for most of us, they do. They get the job done.

However, one aspect of health that most people do not consider is how we move.

Movement is necessary for life, but if you move incorrectly, in time, you begin

to have aches and pains. Move fast or play sports ­­you compound the issue even

more and likely speed up the progression of injury.



This race is crazy full of waterfalls! There are so many I lost count! The course goes right past Wahkeena Falls, Fairy Falls, Multnomah Falls, Oneonta Falls, Dry Falls and a bunch that I can’t remember the names of. Oh, and don’t forget that the course goes right under Ponytail Falls!

The course is mostly single track trail that winds is way along the base of the Cascades Mountains where they come down on the Oregon side to meet the mighty Columbia River. The majority of the route is in deep old forest with some enormous trees and moss is everywhere (in some places covering every inch of the surrounding ground). We are certain elves and gnomes live here. Occasionally the trail will pop out of the trees and you’ll get great views of the river and the mountains towering above it.

I can’t think of another race in the United States that is like this one!

The internet is very spotty in the Gorge so please be patient we will have it back up as soon as the connection comes back.

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Good question eh?  Once again, I’ve fallen off the radar a bit, running around trying to stay ahead of the game.  I always seem to be so far behind…However, today, I am ahead. I was able to run pain free for a whopping 8 miles.  After completing the Moab 55k a few weeks back, I had a hard time recovering from a lingering minor calf strain.  It is no longer lingering and I am finally back at it.  I’ve been travelling alot in support of the Wings for Life World Run, a global event for spinal cord injury research.   This “charity run” will happen in 3 locations in the US, and 34 other locations on 5 other continents.  Hit that link and check it out. I’ll be running in Denver if you’d like to come join me for a great cause. I’ve been golfing to stay sane, with all […]