by Karl Meltzer

“100 miles is not that far” but what about 200 miles? Or even further? Perhaps 2178 miles? Why do we do it? And what is the attraction to punishing our bodies for 15-48 hours? Is it really necessary to run 100 miles to catch the “runners high”?

Hmmmmm, all these questions. I’d be willing to bet we could come up with 100 answers pretty easily. I’ll let the readers fire away on these questions.

My simple answer in one word? Addiction. We are all addicted to something, whether it’s Speedgoat coffee when we wake up, or watching Seinfeld at 630 every evening? A routine of what we like to do feels natural. So here’s my first tip of the month: If you like to push yourself to run 100 miles, or hike the entire Appalachian Trail, become addicted to running first (trust me It’s easy), fit yourself into a “routine”, it soon starts to feel “natural”. We soon start telling ourselves, “100 miles is not that far”.


  1. John davenport says:

    I agree, addiction is def part of it. I like running further because of it. In the beginning I would run 5k or 10k races. Then I was like “is that it ?I’m done?” I payed x amount of dollars and less than 45 min later I’m done. I wanted more so I went for an ultra and ever since I just can’t stop. I still do shorter races for speed but I will have to say, the longer the more fun I have.

  2. I am training for my first 100 mile race in the summer of 2014! My goal is to run as many ultras as I can!