Paul Nelson

Here at 100 miles is not that far we strive to give you the inside scoop into the world trail running: from trail races and ultramarathons to gear reviews, race reports and insightful pieces written by professional runners, local coaches, and race directors from around the world. We believe that feedback, commentary, and open discussion are among the best ways to learn and grow as runners and to become better athletes.  We aim to provide the avenue (or trail) for that discussion. We commit to send gear reviews, editorials, race reports, and anything else we find of value your way!

Karl Meltzer

At”100 miles is not that far”, our goal is to provide valuable info about the world of running ultramarathons.  I have been running crazy distances for 17 years, and through all this experience, we’re hoping to give a full insight on races, ultrarunning events, and perhaps some Speedgolf along the way.

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