Most of us are reactionary when it comes to our health, meaning we do not do much

to prevent issues before they arise. That said, a typical run of the mill health check­up

usually entails, blood pressure, height, weight, a quick listen to the heart and lungs,

maybe a blood test, and if all checks out normal, you are sent off with your badge of

health. When we think of our health the first thing that comes to mind is what is

happening on the insides: heart, lungs, eyes, ears, liver, etc. Of course we want these

systems working well and for most of us, they do. They get the job done.

However, one aspect of health that most people do not consider is how we move.

Movement is necessary for life, but if you move incorrectly, in time, you begin

to have aches and pains. Move fast or play sports ­­you compound the issue even

more and likely speed up the progression of injury.


Yassine and Blaze

Yassine and Blaze

It was April of 2011 in Portland, Oregon and everyone was ready for a break from the darkness and wet weather; especially us runners who spend countless hours training through the winter and spring. The discipline, consistency, practice, and repetition is what makes us strong, efficient, and confident come race day. It’s also a super effective, positive, and fun way to combat the seasonal affective disorder that is so prevalent at this latitude.


To mix things up a little our friend Aaron Brian scored some really good seats to a Portland Trailblazers playoff game against the Dallas Mavericks. They came with a hefty price tag but we didn’t mind. It was more about the social gathering of friends, something different, and it’s always fun to have sweet seats where you can see and hear more of the action. Aaron did well and he, Amy Sproston, Todd Janssen and myself headed over to the (then) Rose Garden (now Moda Center) to watch a little NBA basketball, even though none of us were huge fans! (more…)


Andrea JarzombekAndrea bounding


DOB:  2/17/1974


Born in San Antonio, TX


I’ve been a runner for as long as I can remember and I dreamed of being a runner before that!  It’s just something I have always done, something I still do and probably something I will always do.  (more…)