Running is among the most elemental of human activities. It requires nothing, no wheels, skis, sails, sticks, balls, ropes, helmets, tools or other extraneous hardware. Our bodies alone are the vehicles of our sport. Of course, most of us wear shoes and some clothing and, particularly for ultra runners, we tend to bring along a few basics such as fuel and water.


Bogg’s Trail Butter Review

Bogg’s Trail Butter is an all-natural, slow-burning energy nut butter made in Portland, OR. Handcrafted by founding brothers Brad and Jeff and fortified only with nature’s most energy-packed foods, Trail Butter has been formulated to give endurance athletes a healthy, lasting fuel that maximizes performance over the long haul. This whole food nutrition, available in three flavors that blend nuts, dried fruits, seeds, honey, nutritional oil and more, is delivered in a flexible on-the-go pouch for maximum convenience and portability. To learn more visit Bogg’s Trail Butter at www.trailbutter.com.