as one of the most competitive 50k’s in the US this year.   Big 50k’s don’t happen much during summer months…..not the case here.   We’ve all read the reports over at Irunfar, so I’ll spare the details for now, but the bottom line is: All the frontrunners were fast, the mid-pack had fun, and the final runner, (Carter Dunn) finally finished the beast in a record time too.  Slow record that is.  It was a pleasure to see Carter get it done, he finished around 7:30 ish.  Great photos found HERE at Pure Light Images. Tom Maartens was out on the course randomly and took photos all around. Here we see Rickey Gates floating across Baldy on his way to setting the “Speedgoat course” record And a quick look at what you missed this year if you didn’t run….. See ya next year folks…

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