It’s been a pretty interesting 7 weeks.  I ran more miles at the Bandera 100k this weekend than I’ve accumulated over the past 7 weeks.  Hence, the “macro taper”.  My goal after running the Chimera 100 mile was to train well, and do well at Bandera.  Well, all solid training took a backseat on a 15 miler on Antelope Island on December 1.  I was running along and within a minute or two, my left hamstring started to “hurt”.  I walked it in, the final 5 miles.  Ok, now what?  As I always do,  I went to see my doctor, Russ Toronto.  He is the man.  I  was diagnosed with an “inflamed peroneal nerve”.  If you don’t know what or where this is….it is where the sciatic nerve splits in the back of the hamstring about 3″ above the back of the knee.  It’s not pleasant, it doesnt’ allow extension […]


About time eh?  I’ve been a little off the radar lately. I’m sure we’ll be yacking about “Ultrarunner of the Year” soon.   This week’s NF50 didn’t have too much of an affect on the voting.   I took a quick jaunt down to Lake Elsinore, CA and ran the Chimera 100 on November 17th.  Great course, great race and Fabrice Hardel was on fire, winning it in 16:52. I came staggering in, in 2nd at 17:30.   Not gonna win 4 this year.  :-)   3 ain’t bad though….  Onward Speedgoat 50k 2013 will be held on July 27th, at 6:30am. Registration will go online on January 1st at 7am MST.  I wouldn’t expect it to fill up instantly, that would amaze me, but keep an eye on it, don’t wait till May this time.  We are also proud to announce we are once again in partnership with the […]


Well, my 4 week roadtrip is over.  I put 6000 miles on my Tacoma.  It seemed to blow by even faster than my fastest 100 miler.  So….what do I do now?  Shall I run a local race?  chill out and wait for the snow to fly?, or look into another 100 miler to try and win 4 this year?  My body at the moment says “no”.  My mind says “yes”.  I should rest right?  I”m not really sure I know what “rest” means.  I never overtrain, so it’s fair to say I rest plenty.  I am gonna miss the Pinhoti 100.  It’ll be interesting to see how a stronger field competes at that one and how low the record can go. It can go quite a bit lower than my 16:42.  I slowed down alot when I had a 2 hour lead last year.   Needless to say, it’ll likely […]